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Trade In your Vacant Home for a Luxury 7-Star Hotel

The Easy Way to Trade in

Turn your abandoned property into a luxury lifestyle. With HOTELA’s trade-in program, you can exchange your vacant home for credit towards owning a share in our exclusive luxury residences.


How it Works


Step 1

Evaluate your Property

Provide details of your vacant home for an initial evaluation.


Step 2

Meet your HOTELA advisor

Determine which HOTELA residence is right for you.


Step 3

Trade In your Vacant Home

Agree to the offer and finalize the trade-in process.

2k Facade 5.png

Step 4

Upgrade to your HOTELA Second Home

Trade in credit will be applied towards your purchase price.

All the Benefits to trading in with HOTELA


Eliminate ongoing maintenance & property tax

Trading a vacant home relieves upkeep and tax burdens, providing quick financial relief.


Fair Market Value for Hard-to-Sell Properties

HOTELA offers competitive value for hard-to-sell vacant homes, often exceeding market prices.


Hassle-Free Trade-In with HOTELA

HOTELA manages evaluation, appraisal, and paperwork, simplifying the process for homeowners.


Star your Trade In

Begin your trade-in process by submitting your property details.

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