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Introducing HOTELA:
Simplified Ownership with HOTELA Ownership

You've envisioned your dream of owning a second home – a place to relax, retreat, and create lasting memories. With HOTELA, that dream becomes a reality.

If you're new to HOTELA ownership, you might be wondering how the purchasing process differs from that of the traditional second home. We're here to guide you through the whole process.

1. Find your perfect residence

Explore a range of residences, each offering top-notch amenities located in prime second home destinations.

As you browse our listings, keep in mind:

- Prices reflect 1 ownership share which entitles you to one stay per year.
- The listing page include details about maintenance fees and ROI.
- The residences labeled "Available Now" have shares available.


2. Share your thoughts with us.

We're excited to assist you in selecting your perfect home. Our team will guide you through all the features and location of the residences.  If you can’t find what you're looking for, let us know and we'll help you find the perfect home.

You can easily schedule a call through the website.

3. Schedule a video call or an in-person meeting

While our team provides all the necessary details about the property, there's nothing like understanding HOTELA firsthand. During your call with our representative, you can schedule a video call or schedule an in-person meeting.

4. Get Ready to Buy

Once you've found your second home, we'll guide you through the purchase process which include information on ownership interests and on the HOTELA organization and management. When you're ready to proceed, simply reserve your share with a ¥25,000 yen deposit.

5. Secure Financing

If you're considering financing for your purchase, HOTELA is here to assist you. We offer financing options with competitive rates and no money down. The process is streamlined, and approval can be obtained in just a few days. 

6. Close on Your New Home

Unlike purchasing a traditional home which can take weeks or months, our process can be completed in just a matter of days.

The closing steps are as follows:

  1. Sign purchase agreement.

  2.  Receive additional documents to review and sign. Documents include the program manager agreement and operating agreement.

  3. Once you've had a chance to review the paperwork, we'll schedule a call to answer any questions and finalize the process.

  4. After signing and wiring the funds, your purchase is complete.

7. Easy booking

After closing, you will be provided the estimated ready date of your residence. Plan multiple trips effortlessly through the HOTELA app.

8. Professionally managed ownership

Owning a second home comes with added responsibilities, but with HOTELA's ownership model, you can enjoy the perks without the hassle. We take care of the maintenance and property management. Simply show up to your second home, to unwind and relax.

9. Flexibility with Ownership

While you may love your HOTELA residence, we understand that preferences may change. If you find a residence that better suits your needs, you can take advantage of our one-time transfer benefit within the first year of your HOTELA ownership. There's no fee or waiting period. You just pay the difference.

10. Sell and keep the profits

At HOTELA, we aim to provide you with an effortless and fulfilling second home ownership experience. You have the option to sell at any point, and we'll assist in facilitating a smooth transaction. Unlike timeshares, your HOTELA is sold on the open market, and the profits are yours.

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