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HOTELA Referral Program

Refer your clients

Turbocharge your
Earnings with
HOTELA Branding

Introduce your clients to the world-class luxury of HOTELA and reap a robust 3% referral commission with each acquisition of HOTELA Ownership shares in their picture-perfect second home. Should they resell, a bonus 1% commission awaits. We undertake the intricate legwork, keeping you updated at every stage.

Your client, 
Your commission – Guaranteed for life



No matter your location or license, boundaries do not exist. 
Refer clients to any HOTELA Residence across the globe. 


3% Referral Commission

Experience the pleasure of a rewarding 3% referral commission on the share price of any HOTELA Residence your client secures.

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1% Resale Commission

In the event your clients decide to resell their HOTELA shares, a convenient 1% referral commission on the resale is yours.


3% Upgrade and Expansion Bonus

When your clients upgrade their HOTELA residence or expand their investments in other properties, you’ll receive a 3%, honoring our “your client for life” philosophy.


A Branded Lifestyle that Appreciates Over Time

The HOTELA name is synonymous with luxury and prestige. The HOTELA residences are not just properties, they’re branded products, carefully crafted to deliver a unique lifestyle.
As the brand flourishes, so too does the value of the residences your clients invest in.


Real Estate

Investing in a HOTELA-branded luxury lifestyle goes beyond mere real estate ownership. 
It’s a distinctive choice that outshines standard second homes, offering not only a premium lifestyle but also enduring value. 

With HOTELA, your clients are embracing an investment in an experience that appreciates over time, standing as a testament to quality and elegance.

It’s a commitment to you, rewarding your dedication and fostering a fruitful, long-lasting professional relationship.

Financing Revolution for

Luxury Revolution

Shattering real estate norms, offering elite living without the elite price tag. Dive into the seismic shift rewriting luxury’s future.


Redefining opulence, blending 2-day modular share ownership with upscale allure. Witness the dawn of accessible grandeur, enticing the masses.

Finance up to 100%

Reinventing luxury home acquisition, enabling dream lifestyles with no money down. A monumental pivot in the luxury real estate realm.

Home Ownership

We’re not merely selling homes, we’re setting a course for the future of luxury living. Our financing programs usher in a new paradigm of second home ownership.

The hottest second homes

Explore luxury homes in world-class destinations 


Find your HOTELA

Take the next step in buying a second home. We're excited to help you turn this dream into a reality, and we're here to support you with all the information you need to make it happen.

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HOTELA Sets the Pace for

Global Real Estate!

Join the paradigm shift that's altering the face of the second home market.

With HOTELA, experience the merge of luxury and affordability like never before.

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