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Referral Program

Turbocharge your Earnings with HOTELA Branding

Your client, 
Your commission

Introduce your clients to the world-class luxury of HOTELA and reap a robust 3% referral commission with each acquisition of HOTELA Ownership shares in their picture-perfect second home.


Refer clients to any HOTELA Residence regardless of your location. No license is required.


3% Referral Commission

Earn a 3% referral commission on the share price when your client secures a HOTELA Residence.

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1% Resale Commission

Earn a 1% referral commission if your clients resell their HOTELA shares.


3% Upgrade and Expansion Bonus

Earn 3% when your clients upgrade their HOTELA residence or invest in additional properties.

More than a property

The HOTELA brand epitomizes luxury, offering owners more than real estate  - a distinctive lifestyle that gains value as the brand grows.

Revolutionize Your Portfolio with HOTELA Financing

Breakthrough in Luxury Living

Shattering real estate norms, offering elite living without the elite price tag. Dive into the seismic shift rewriting luxury’s future.

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Innovative Ownership Model

Introducing ownership in 1-day increments making luxury affordable.


Zero-Down Financing

HOTELA enables the acquisition of luxury homes with no initial investment, changing the game forever.


Streamlined and fully automated process for buying financing and reselling.

The hottest second homes

Explore luxury homes in world-class destinations 

HOTELA sets the pace for

Global real estate!

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