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8 reasons why HOTELA ownership outshines any timeshare

1.  Unique Residences: HOTELA develops ultra-luxury residences in prime locations, each with its own special charm. Our professional interior designers ensure that your home is tastefully furnished, equipped with modern amenities, and personalized to provide comfort and relaxation. Unlike timeshares, HOTELA offers luxurious residences that stand out from everything else in the market.

2.  Exclusive Ownership: With Hotela, Owners have access to their respective residence. Our vetting process and Code of Conduct ensure that owners treat the residence as their own.

3.  HOTELA Owner vs Non-owner Bookings:   You can book your stay anytime from 2 days to 2 years in advance depending on your ownership type. Non-owner bookings are only permitted three months in advance. Hotela Owners always have priority over non-owner bookings. After each stay, we conduct thorough inspections and cleaning, ensuring your home is pristine upon arrival.

4. Non-owner Bookings: This allows you to earn income if you are not using your residence. In contrast, most timeshares and fractional companies do not allow you to earn income from your asset.

5.  A Real Asset: HOTELA offers true asset ownership. Your share represents a tangible asset, allowing you to benefit from its value appreciation in the market. In contrast, timeshares typically grant the right to use the property for a specific period, without actual ownership. Timeshare financing often comes with high interest rates, and the value of timeshares tends to depreciate over time.

6.  Year-Round Usage: HOTELA provides flexible year-round access to your second home. You can plan your stays based on your preferences, with the freedom to enjoy weekend getaways or mid-week escapes.

7.  HOTELA's scheduling system: HOTELA makes booking accessible through our user-friendly app, ensures fair access for owners based on their share ownership. In contrast, timeshares often lock owners into fixed weeks, limiting their choices and check-in dates. Availability and location options may be restricted, and desirable dates can be challenging to secure

8.  Streamlined Resale Process: HOTELA aims to make the resale process as seamless as possible. You have control over setting the desired price, and we handle the marketing and listing of the home similar to traditional real estate listings. With HOTELA's properties being carefully selected and located in sought-after second home markets, there is strong buyer demand for HOTELA Ownership Shares of Second Homes.

Choose HOTELA for an exceptional second home experience that surpasses the limitations and challenges often associated with timeshares. Enjoy the joy of genuine HOTELA ownership, flexibility in usage, and a streamlined resale process, all while HOTELA takes care of maintenance and property management.

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