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Close with confidence

Streamlined Closing

Just a few more steps for
your dream home!


Closing Steps


Reserve share

  • Select the residence and the number of shares through the website.

  • Schedule a call with us

  • Sign the HOTELA ownership purchase agreement and addendum.

  • Reserve your shares with a ¥25000 deposit.


Review/sign docs

  • Review and digitally sign association agreement, management agreement and financing agreement (for those that qualify).


Secure financing

  • For a limited time, HOTELA will finance your purchase of HOTELA shares with no money down. With 36 easy monthly installments, you can Own Now and Pay Later. Provide us with proof of income, a recent bank statement and tax returns. The approval process takes about 5 business days. 


Prepare for closing

  • A confirmation call will be scheduled five (5) business days prior to closing. We will review your closing documents; payment plans and provide you with the availability for your residence.


Closing & Orientation

  • Once closing is completed, an orientation session with your HOTELA support member will be scheduled.

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