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Streamlined Closing

You’ve found your perfect HOTELA home, so let’s walk through what happens over 
the next couple of weeks. Just a few more steps before you step through the door of your HOTELA!


The Path to Closing


Reserve share

a.On HOTELA website, select the residence and the amount of shares you wish to reserve. b. Go to the checkout and pay a deposit of ¥25,000 yen which will be applied toward your first payment. c. HOTELA schedules a call to kick off your closing. d. You’ll sign the Hotela ownership purchase agreement and addendum. e. Once your application is approved, we will invoice you for the first installment payment less the ¥25,000 already received.  


Review/sign docs

You’ll receive a packet of documents to review and sign. They include the association agreement and management agreement and if you were approved for financing, the installment payments agreement. The documents will be digital signature ready. 


Secure financing

For a limited time, Hotela is able to finance your purchase of HOTELA shares with no money down. With 36 easy monthly installments, you can Own Now and Pay Later. Provide HOTELA with proof of income, a recent bank statement and tax returns. Approval takes about 5 business days. 


Prepare for closing

HOTELA schedules a confirmation call five (5) business days prior to closing. We’ll review your closing documents, your payment instructions for sending the remaining funds. We’ll confirm all documents are signed and verify your first available stay date based on the estimated property open date.


Closing complete

Congratulations, you are now a HOTELA Owner! It’s time to open the champagne and share the good news about your second home with your family and friends. Now, just one more step.



Once closing is complete, please schedule an orientation session with your HOTELA support member and get ready to enjoy your new second home!

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What to Expect as a HOTELA Owner

Unwind in Style: All-Inclusive Services at HOTELA Residence

When you arrive to your HOTELA residence, just show up and relax. In addition to taxes, maintenance, and utilities as well as luxury world class on-site and off-site amenities, here is what else is includes at no extra cost.

Included services

・    24/7 concierge and security
・    Ski concierge services
・    Japanese, Cantonese and English supported 
・    Owner closets service
・    Daily room cleaning
・    VIP 24 hour pick up, drop off within your HOTELA                              neighborhood
・    Mountain bikes
・    E-bikes
・    Scooters
・    24/7 room service
・    Laundry
・    Digital and board game rentals
・    iPad, iPhone and MacBook in each residence
・    Luxury vehicle for each residence

Exclusive VIP Services Available Upon Request at HOTELA

Additional VIP Services Given Upon Request: Additional Charges May Apply
(These services are based on availability and first come, first serve- However, HOTELA makes every possible effort to make your request possible)

Included services

・    24 HR Private Butler
・    In-house Chef and Sommelier
・    VIP Shopping and Delivery for just about            anything
・    Babysitter
・    Personal Tour Guide
・    Arrangements for your staff’s                   accommodations
・    Top Security from airport arrival to                        departure
・    Most special request to fit your lifestyle
・    Pet sitter
・    Private fitness instructor
・    Dry cleaning


Find your HOTELA

Take the next step in buying a second home. We're excited to help you turn this dream into a reality, and we're here to support you with all the information you need to make it happen.

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