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Simplifying second home ownership for a hassle-free experience

When it comes to owning a second home, you deserve a stress-free retreat where you can relax and unwind, without the burden of tedious homeowner responsibilities like lawn care, bill payments, or maintenance tasks. At HOTELA, we offer fully managed HOTELA ownership, but what exactly does that entail?

We believe in making the ownership of a second home through HOTELA Ownership Shares effortless and enjoyable. Here are five ways we ensure a seamless and delightful experience for HOTELA owners:

1. Seamless and delightful experience for our co-owners:

We understand the time and cost involved in furnishing a second home. That's why we ensure your home is fully equipped and exquisitely designed from the moment you step in. Our team of talented interior designers meticulously curates each home, selecting custom furnishings, artwork, and accessories that harmonize with the property's architectural style. We strike a balance between modern design and comfort, providing a luxurious yet livable ambiance. Your second home is ready for you to enjoy from the get-go.

2. Flawless cleaning and meticulous maintenance:

Maintaining a second home from a distance can be challenging, and when you arrive, you want to focus on relaxation, not chores. At HOTELA, we take care of the cleaning and maintenance for you. After each owner's stay, our team conducts thorough inspections, performs deep cleaning, and addresses any maintenance issues promptly. We also schedule preventive maintenance to proactively manage potential problems. Our comprehensive approach includes providing essentials like light bulbs and batteries, ensuring that minor issues can be easily resolved without inconveniencing you. We ensure your property looks its best all year round.

3. Continuous and personalized assistance:

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the purchase. At HOTELA, you'll have a dedicated on-site team to assist you before, during, and after your stays.

4. From On-Boarding to Bookings:

HOTELA will assist you in getting acquainted with your second home including the vast facilities and amenities that come with it. In addition, our concierge team can arrange anything from restaurant bookings, ski passes, golfing and much more. At HOTELA, we understand there is no place like home, except for your second home.

5. Around the Clock:

At HOTELA, your needs are important to us. Whether you are hungry for a nice warm soup at 3:00 am or you want to get to the ski lifts by the crack of dawn, just press HOTELA VIP buttons and we will get you what you need when you need. HOTELA takes service to the next level.

Let HOTELA maximize the quality time you spend at your second home and 
Discover more about our fully managed Hotela ownership and take the next step toward experiencing bliss in your second home

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