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Exceptional Value in HOTELA Maintenance: Elevating the Home Ownership Experience

Discover the True Worth of HOTELA Maintenance: Enabling 7-Star Hotel Services and Amenities for an Unmatched Living Experience

1. Home Appliances: The fees contribute to upgrading, replacing, and repairing all essential appliances in the home

2. Interior and Exterior Design, Curation and Upgrades: We invest in designing, curating, and upgrading furniture, bedding, dinnerware, painting walls, updating wallpaper, replacing carpeting and rugs, and maintaining the exterior of the home including the roof, facade improvements, window and door upgrades, constructions permit, interior design development and more.

3. Amenity Upgrades: Amenities such as spas, saunas, security systems are not only maintained but replaced from time to time with state-of-the-art alternatives. In addition, we plan to add new off-site amenities within your HOTELA neighborhood to enhance your stay experience and your HOTELA Ownership share value

4. Staffing and Services: Depending on the location, owners can expect services ranging from 24/7 concierge, 24/7 security, daily room cleaning an, transportation and much more. Some services are included in the maintenance fees while others require additional payments when used.

5. General Expenses: Property taxes, utilities, insurance, repairs, landscaping, and other general upkeep and related expenses are covered.

6. Preventive & Routine Maintenance: This may include pool maintenance, snow removal, air-conditioning and heating servicing, landscaping, gutter cleaning, and more.

7. Linens, Towels & Toiletries: We maintain and replace linens and towels and provide all required toiletries

8. The 24/7 HOTELA Service Guarantee: Unlike Hotels that operate on revenues from guests, HOTELA is able to maintain operations and services even during recessions and pandemics."

9. Payment Management: HOTELA plans, budgets, manages and pays for all the operating expenses, such as utilities, maintenance, repair reserves, real estate taxes, property taxes and hotel management and services which are all included in Owner maintenance fees.

10. Booking Platform. HOTELA’s booking app and services management system continuous operational and software management and improvement.

This comprehensive property management system helps not only maintain but ultimately increase the value of your HOTELA Ownership over time.

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