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Debunking the Top Five Co-ownership Myths

Owning a second home through HOTELA OWNERSHIP offers a chance to escape from the daily grind and spend quality time with loved ones in a cherished and familiar place that you proudly own. However, some myths about scheduling can create confusion. 

Myth #1: Co-ownership complicates scheduling.

Hotela's proprietary booking system, available through our app, simplifies scheduling, making it easy, flexible, and fair. HOTELA Owners can choose between peak time and non-peak time stays — and can see real-time availability and book their stays quickly. Our booking app is designed to streamline scheduling and give owners greater control.

Myth #2: Booking holidays is difficult.

HOTELA Owners are able to book up to 24 months in advance depending on ownership type. However, all Owners regardless of type of membership can book a similar residence at no cost if their residence is booked on their desired booking date. 

Myth #3: Scheduling is similar to a timeshare

Hotela's scheduling system is different from timeshares, which often have fixed weeks or other limitations. With Hotela, owners can enjoy their second home multiple times throughout the year. Our scheduling system is responsive and real-time, allowing HOTELA Owners to book stays whenever they want.

Myth #4: It's hard to get the dates you want

Hotela owners can use their home proportionate to their HOTELA Ownership amount. A diverse co-ownership group means that people have different date preferences, and Hotela’s booking app makes it easy to book preferred dates. Additionally, Hotela’s booking algorithm ensures that all owners have a chance to book during any season. Third-party guests can book up to 3 months in advance, so it is recommended that HOTELA Owners book ahead to ensure peak time slots. 

Myth #5: Scheduling can't be spontaneous

With HOTELA's app, you can book your stay as little as two days in advance if the home is available. Real-time availability is shown on the app, providing flexibility and convenience for spontaneous getaways.

Myth #6: If the date I want is not available, no options left

At HOTELA, we like to give you more options. We allow owners to book other Hotela residences not owned by them if they are available on the dates they want or need. HOTELA even waives its 10% booking fee. Also, when you arrive, all of your personal belonging in your closet including all your personal preferences are just like coming back home.

Don't let scheduling myths deter you from the benefits of HOTELA ownership. Our streamlined scheduling process and commitment to fair allocation of dates ensure that you can make the most of your second home without unnecessary hassles or conflicts.

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