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Navigating HOTELA Resales: A Simpler, Faster Approach

At HOTELA, the process of selling your residence is streamlined, efficient, and simple. Unlike traditional home sales, HOTELA's unique model eases the journey, making it more seamless and quicker. Here's how it works:

1. Sell on Your Terms: Your Asset, Your Choice

As an owner at HOTELA, you possess the freedom to sell your Hotela ownership interest any time (after 12 months of HOTELA ownership share. - DELETE ) You are in complete control of the sale, a distinct advantage of our professionally managed ownership model. Upon your decision to sell, we furnish you with a comprehensive market analysis of your ownership interest, helping you arrive at an appropriate sale price.

2. Leveraging Our Marketplace: Seamless Resale Process

With HOTELA, you gain the benefit of an existing marketplace. There are two distinct advantages here: 

- Firstly, other HOTELA Owners in your residence are offered your shares at your set price, with a first right of refusal, providing a potential immediate buyer base. 

- Secondly, our sales team taps into a pipeline of interested buyers who either missed the initial opportunity or have shown interest in similar residences. This might even eliminate the need for a traditional real estate agent, simplifying the process further.

3. Comprehensive Marketing: Ensuring Broad Exposure

While we initiate inquiries within our buyer pool, we also prep your share for wider market exposure, maximizing opportunities for a swift sale. If an immediate offer doesn't materialize, we include your listing on our website and market it through our local partner agent network.

4. Smooth Transactions: Transparency and Efficiency

HOTELA's primary role is to facilitate transactions and connect sellers to buyers. The process eschews lengthy closings, due diligence periods, and title and escrow companies as the title doesn't change. The ownership interest is reassigned to the new owner at closing. The result is a quick and efficient transaction, usually finalized in just 1-2 weeks.

Alternative Options for HOTELA Owners

If HOTELA isn't quite the right fit or if you've purchased more ownership than you need, you have more options:

- HOTELA Upgrade Plan: Within your first year of ownership, you can upgrade your ownership to a more suitable HOTELA home at no additional cost. 

- Owner's Right-Sizing Option: If you own a larger share but use it less frequently, you can adjust your ownership by selling a part of your interest. This works the same as a resale transaction. 

Frequently asked questions

Here, we address some common questions to further simplify your experience with HOTELA. 

- Seller Autonomy: HOTELA recommends a price, but the final call is yours. We'll share buyer pipeline data to inform your decision. 

- Unsold Shares: If a share isn't selling, we'll enhance our marketing efforts. If there's still no buyer interest, we might suggest lowering the asking price.

- Price Negotiation: Buyers can negotiate the price, and sellers are free to accept or decline any offers.

- Transaction Fees: Sellers are subject to a 3% commission fee. Buyers have no title, inspection, or service fees. Buyers who finance their purchase also pay a financing fee at closing.

At HOTELA, we prioritize flexibility, control, and peace of mind for our owners. Our aim is to simplify and enhance your luxury living experience.

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