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About Us

Why we’re here

Discover the untapped potential of Japan’s millions of underutilized second homes with HOTELA, the innovative service transforming the luxury second home ownership experience.

At HOTELA , we believe in making the dream of owning a second home accessible and affordable. Our unique approach allows you to own a share of a luxurious second home, enabling you to experience the benefits of true real estate ownership.
We envision a second home as more than just an asset; it’s an essential component of your life journey. HOTELA brings this vision to life by crafting exquisite living spaces that are both life-enhancing and budget-friendly.

Our Team

Based in Tokyo, HOTELA is a global team of dedicated professionals, blending technology and real estate expertise. 
Our mission-driven workforce strives to redefine the luxury second home market through innovation and excellence. 
We value diverse talents and perspectives from around the world. Join the HOTELA family and help us transform the luxury second home experience.

Kyle Burns: The Visionary Founder Transforming Luxury Second Home Ownership with HOTELA

HOTELA was born from the vision of our founder, Kyle Burns, who recognized a pressing need for accessible luxury second home ownership. He envisioned not just any property, but a sophisticated residence completes with round-the-clock services and amenities, now within reach for many more people.

As a tech entrepreneur and current CEO of HOTELA, Kyle’s passion for affordable luxury drove him to break new ground in the second home market. By crafting an innovative approach to second home ownership and services, Kyle has made the dream of a luxurious second home a reality for a wider audience.

Kyle Burns
Founder & CEO

Meet Sato Tsutomu: A Global Real Estate Expert Revolutionizing the Industry

Sato Tsutomu is a proven expert in the real estate and architecture industry with extensive international experience including the United States, India, Singapore, and Japan. Over 15 years, where he has specialized in the Japanese real estate industry, primarily for inbound investors, including high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors.


His expertise ranges from residences in major Japanese cities to hotel development. He has been involved in project planning, architectural design, development planning, sales strategies, organizational management, property management, financing, and various real estate structuring using real estate trust beneficiary right transactions.


His work on Mega-Luxury Residences in Tokyo including Gravitas, Zenith, and Churis Akasaka series, as well as the sale of villas at AMAN Niseko, bring a depth of experience and strength to the HOTELA executive team. Sato's leadership and outstanding talent are a major contribution to the growth and success story of HOTELA.

Sato Tsutomu

Riccardo Tossani
Chief Architect

Riccardo Tossani, Architecture: A Multifaceted Design Studio Elevating the HOTELA Project

Riccardo Tossani, Architecture (RTA) is a versatile, creative design studio that transcends the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Committed to advancing architecture through the seamless integration of design elements, RTA addresses planning, buildings, interiors, furniture, and landscape. As part of their innovative approach, they are now collaborating on the HOTELA project, bringing their expertise to this groundbreaking endeavor.

Based in Tokyo, RTA’s team consists of highly skilled European, American, and Japanese-trained architects and interior designers. Licensed to practice on several continents, their architectural approach is informed by extensive international experience.

RTA’s project capabilities encompass hotel/resort, various residential types, corporate/office, interior design, programming, and master planning. Additionally, the studio has significant experience in product, furniture, graphic design, and sculpture. By joining forces with the HOTELA project, RTA continues to push the boundaries of design and architecture.

Chef Jeff Hurst: Culinary Maestro Crafting an Unparalleled Menu for HOTELA

Jeff Hurst, an Executive Chef with a wealth of experience, has been living and working in Japan since 2001. As the opening Executive Chef at both the Conrad Hotel in Osaka and the Four Seasons Hotel in Kyoto, he has also collaborated with renowned brands like Sheraton, Hilton, ANA, as well as private clubs and restaurants in Japan. 

Now, Chef Jeff is excited to bring his culinary expertise to the HOTELA to create a one-of-a-kind, original menu that will delight and surprise guests. 

Hailing from San Francisco, Chef Jeff began his culinary journey at the age of fifteen, training at various restaurants in the Bay Area. Over the years, he has worked with Hyatt Hotels at multiple locations in California and served as a Chef Instructor at the prestigious California Culinary Academy in San Francisco for four years before relocating to Japan.

With a passion for cooking and a love for sharing his skills and experiences with food, ingredients, and flavors, Chef Jeff believes in the importance of local, seasonal products in his culinary creations. His creative process is heavily influenced by Latin American cuisine and regional American cuisine, which he now brings to the HOTELA project.

Jeff Hurst
Executive Chef


Justin James
Creative Director


Justin James: HOTELA’s Visionary Creative Director Redefining Luxury Second Home Design

Introducing Justin James, HOTELA’s visionary Creative Director responsible for overseeing all aspects of design. With a rich background in music, Justin’s unique talents make him the perfect candidate to lead the creative charge for HOTELA, including the development of the highly anticipated recording studio.

As a seasoned professional in the creative industry, Justin’s multidisciplinary approach has enabled him to seamlessly integrate various design elements into a cohesive and inspiring vision. By collaborating with esteemed partners like Riccardo Tossani Architecture and Executive Chef Jeff Hurst, Justin has played a pivotal role in shaping the HOTELA experience.

Under Justin’s creative leadership, HOTELA is poised to revolutionize the world of luxury second homes, creating unforgettable experiences for homeowners and guests alike.

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